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We provide a full and comprehensive range of services. You can have as much or as little as you need – we offer flexibility and support at all levels. Take a look at what we can do for you.

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Linear Channel Playout

We have a long legacy in playout services, reinventing ourselves every five years. We are currently completing the build of our fifth generation of playout, bringing together best-of-class technologies to achieve the highest level of efficiency and reliability.

Our unique advantage in owning and managing our own broadcast management system software (ABSolute BMS) has enabled us to tightly integrate playout and scheduling as one. This has eliminated the painful integration of the past such as graphics, voiceovers, sales modules and others. We offer playout and BMS separately or together.


  • Unique integration between ABSolute BMS and playout
  • Flexible and efficient, on-prem or cloud
  • Full range of SLAs from low cost to high availability
  • We will onboard your channel and project manage

Content Preparation and Repurposing

We understand video. In today’s world, we know that for a broadcaster to have a viable business model, it needs to sweat its content.

At ABS we have combined super-efficient software in ABSolute MAM along with high-volume high-end processing engines to prepare, process and repurpose content for all possible applications across broadcast, online and mobile.


  • Unique integration between ABSolute MAM and our content processing
  • High throughput content processing
  • Content visibility and reporting at the heart of the operation
  • Fully automated workflow solutions
  • Auto QC, transcode, encode, monitor, alerts, report and delivery in one place

Service Monitoring, Auto-Alerts and Reporting

Broadcast and television are now truly global. With facilities in one continent, staff in another and audiences spread across multiple continents on numerous platforms, how do you keep track?

We bring your services to one place and offer clever tools to monitor all your services on a virtual multi-viewer available on any device. We configure auto-alerts for when something goes wrong. We monitor on your behalf in our MCR environment and offer bespoke services matched to your needs.


  • Virtual multi-viewer at your fingertips, on any device
  • MCR monitoring on high-value content
  • Email alerts in real time
  • Multitude of alarms and alerts to choose from

Satellite Downlink and IP Delivery

We manage an extensive and comprehensive satellite-dish farm. If you are looking to downlink a service viewable on a satellite in the UK, we probably have the service in our network. If not, we can easily configure and deliver it to you in the format you need.

With our quick turnaround and scalable offering, we provide the service you need on time and to the highest quality.


  • 24/7 MCR Monitoring and alarms
  • Satellites from 40’East to 27’West
  • 1+1 high-reliability options
  • For rebroadcast or confidence monitoring

OFCOM Compliance Recording

We offer a low-cost compliance recording service for all your off-air statutory requirements, confidence monitoring or dispute resolutions.

We can also provide clever ways to enable the user to access the recording as and when required.


  • 24/7 MCR monitoring of all recording
  • Added features such as subtitles, clock, audio descriptor
  • Scalable


Managed Studios

We own and operate multiple broadcast studios in and around London.

These studios are purpose built for high-volume, low-cost production requirements, and come fully equipped with the latest technology. Some of the studios are co-located at our playout and transmission facility for contribution to playout channels and resource share.


  • Long lease available
  • Dedicated production space, office and TV studio all in one place
  • Fully managed by us

Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR)

Extremely high availability and a back-up facility site is no longer the preserve of national broadcasters.

Today we deploy cloud technology to offer cost-effective business continuity and DR solutions, and help keep your services on air in the event of a disaster.

With fire, flood, pandemics and terrorism now a frequent occurrence, it is now a matter of when rather than if your business will become affected. Speak to us to find out how we have helped a multitude of broadcasters put effective and efficient DR plans in place. We do all the planning and configuration and you only pay-as-you-go when you need to deploy it.


  • Cloud technology for fast deployment and scalability
  • Low-cost, highly efficient solutions
  • Fully planned out and deployed by us on your behalf

Pop-up Channel

Are you working on a great idea but need to test it as a proof of concept? Do you have a major event coming up, perfect as a pop-up channel for a few weeks? These requests are becoming more frequent from our customers.

We have a quick turnaround and highly scalable pop-up channel solutions, fully managed by us on your behalf. With expertise and resources available both on-prem and cloud, we are uniquely positioned to work out a perfect solution, fit for purpose.


  • Fast deployment on-prem or cloud
  • End-to-end solution and management
  • We design, build and manage for you

Channel Launch

With more than 200 channel launches globally under our belt, why not take advantage of the wealth of expertise at ABS Broadcast to help with your next big idea?

Whatever the idea, wherever the platform and whatever the technology, chances are we have already done it. Let us ease the pain of starting from scratch.


  • Wealth of expertise
  • Extensive network of platforms and people
  • OFCOM licence application
  • EPG acquisition
  • Bureau scheduling
  • Distribution planning