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ABSolute® MAM

A web-based Media Asset Management system designed for playout.

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Secure Content Upload

Deliver your content confidently, directly to TX, and watch it arrive safely.

ABSolute MAM’s secure import and upload functionality allows you to bulk deliver content through a single MAM interface.


  • Receive update reports as content is processed
  • Monitor the status of the assets and prioritise the queue
  • Alerts are sent when content is due for delivery

Compliance and Quality Checks

Technical and eyeball QCs ensure that only broadcast-ready assets are pushed to air.

Numerous checks are in place in ABSolute MAM to ensure rogue content does not slip through the net. The system validates each asset at every stage of the process to assist operators in managing playout.


  • Ensures video assets are EBU compliant
  • Scans for advisory content
  • Net checks for black, pixilation or freeze frames

File Preview

ABSolute MAM’s web interface gives access to the metadata and files in the asset library. 

Log in to the secure ABSolute MAM to preview content, review metadata and track changes. Admin users can assign rights to their team and monitor activity across the system.


  • Secure user-based log-in system
  • Link audio and visual assets together for streamlined playout
  • Access content on the go at the touch of a button

Timecode Extraction

Bring your content and graphics together and send data back to your BMS for streamlined delivery.

ABSolute MAM integrates with your BMS to assist in logging asset durations down to the frame. Changes are updated in real time, so your scheduling team always has the most up-to-date information.


  • Select In and Out points of any file
  • Prepare files for hard or soft segmentation
  • Specify time codes for graphics insertion during playlist generation

Compliance Logging

Make access to broadcast records convenient and simplified.

Our compliance logger is easy to navigate and provides the information you need, clearly and concisely. Browse previous broadcasts and extract key points for further analysis as needed.


  • Download user-defined time codes for review
  • In-browser access allows for quick assessment
  • Export to a specific distribution list alongside key time codes and notes

Development and Support

Our dedicated operations team is here for you.

ABS Broadcast is built on ABSolute – we depend on it, and we know you will, too. That’s why key product developments and updates are rolled out across the board as soon as they are available. Our support team are always available to provide training or advice.


  • Office hours and emergency support available
  • Regular developments and update releases
  • Our ever-expanding portfolio of features is shared among customers